10 Beautiful Art Installations

By definition installation art uses interesting material to transform a space and create an experience. It implies a dissolution of the line between art and life. It makes us stop and notice our surroundings, it involves us so that we forget for a brief moment where we are, as we become a part of the art itself. Here we’ve collected ten of our favorite indoor and outdoor art installations. We hope you enjoy them! Butterfly Installation at Dior Homme Paris by Andrea Mastrovito

9,000 fantasy like butterfly silhouettes making their way through the boutiques white walls and ceiling. [link] Light Play at Luminato by Michael Levine and KPMB

200 illuminated PVC balloons were tethered together by an intricate web of nautical rope and fitted with lights that were controlled and programmed to change color to the sound of the audience and live music below. [link] Art installation at Clark Shoes International Headquarters / ROSO

The installation itself was developed from a single observation – Light is only seen when reflected. A light beam coming through a window is only visible because light is reflected in the millions of dust particles floating in the air. [link] The Cloud Chandelier at KENZO’s headquarters in Paris by Andy Cao

Inspired from KENZO’s approach of ephemerality, lightness and the explosion of colors, the cloud chandelier is made of steel structure, wire mesh and 3,000 cut crystals. [link] Rabbit Wonderland: Shanghai eArts Festival 2008

A series of innovative outdoor LED interactive sculptures meant to bring color, laughter and warmth to the streets of Shanghai during the 2008 Shanghai eArts Festival presented by Super Nature Design and W+K Shanghai. The iconic rabbit is seen as a symbol of peace in Chinese culture. [link] Cityscope – An Urban Kaleidoscope: Cologne, Germany by Marco Hemmerling

A multi-faceted installation which reflects fragments of surrounding buildings. While moving around the sculpture, the reflections on the glass continuously change. In this way, the viewer becomes an integral part of the installation and its complex reflections. As day becomes night, the installation takes on a whole new life. The structure is lit from within and the reflective, color-distorting film on its surface becomes transparent adding to its fragmented perception theme. [link] The LightScraper by Electronic Miracles

The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. A single computer and two projectors are used to bring the visuals to life. The LightScraper also acts as a giant musical instrument, people's location influence the melodies emitting form the sculpture. [link] GreenPix: Zero Energy Media Wall by Simone Giostra & Partners and ARUP

The worlds largest color LED display, powered by a photovoltaic system integrated into the glass curtain wall. This Media Wall showcased a selection of specially commissioned video installations and live performances by artists from China, Europe and the US. [link] Robert Stadler installation in the Saint-Paul Saint-Louis church

During the Nuit Blanche all-night cultural festival in the city on 6 October. Nuit Blanche is an annual festival that started in Paris in 2002, with museums, galleries and other venues open all night. [link] Louis Vuitton Plasma Screen Staircase at Rome's Via Condotti

As part of Louis Vuitton's efforts to use conceptual architecture to make each of their stores a unique showcase for their stylish goods, the front entry has a plasma screen staircase that transforms into cascading water, trailing vines, or even a classic Louis Vuitton trunk. Crowds gather to watch the spectacle; tourists and passersby are spellbound. [link]

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