10 Creative DIY Halloween Ideas Found on Pinterest

With Halloween right around the corner, today we thought it would be fun to put together some of the most popular DIY Halloween ideas we found on Pinterest. For the past few months we’ve been collecting these pins in our board Cool DIY Projects, which currently has almost 1.5 million followers (all by itself). It’s our hope that you’ll incorporate some of these spooktacular ideas during this year’s Halloween.

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1. Ghoulish Glaring Eyes

Using plastic foam balls of varying sizes, draw eyes with black permanent marker and then stick a toothpick to hold the eyes together. Attach the eyes to a dark colored bench or fence to make them pop! via [BHG]


2. Magnetic Spiders

Take plastic spider rings from a dollar store, cut off the ring part, stick on magnets with hot glue and put them on your front door. Creepy! via [deliacreates]


3. Dracula’s Teeth

Cut cookie in half, frost bottom with red frosting, place marshmallow teeth around curved perimeter, and top with remaining half. Insert two almond slivers in between teeth for fangs. via [The Girl Who Ate Everything]


4. Glowing Ghosts

Snap a green glowstick and insert it into a white balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie it. Using a black marker, draw a spooky face. Stick to a wall with transparent tape and turn down the lights. via [Martha Stewart]


5. Bewitching Welcome Mat

Take some old striped stockings and stuff them with cotton. Glue them underneath a welcome mat and add some witchlike shoes. via [Parents]


6. Screaming Red Punch with a Hand

Rinse a glove several times and then fill it with water. Tie and freeze solid. Cut the glove off the hand and fingers, and float the molded hand in punch. via [Simply Stated]


7. Ghouls’ Night Out

Take white tissue wedding bells and glue on construction paper eyes and mouths. Drape with tulle. via [Country Living]


8. Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog

Fill a large glass half full with hot water. Mix in one cup of salt. Put the glass inside the pumpkin. Then, wearing gloves, drop in 2-3 large pieces of dry ice into the glass. Put the lid of the pumpkin back on top for a tight fit. via [Squidoo]


9. Bat-o’-Lanters

Paint mini pumpkins with black acrylic paint. Cut out eyes from white craft foam and hole punch pupils. Glue on eyes. Cut out ears and wings from black craft foam and attach ears by taping a toothpick to the back of each one, inserting the other end into the pumpkin. Tape wooden skewers to the back of each wing and, leaving a 2-inch point exposed, push it into the pumpkin. via [Family Fun]


10. Oompa Loompa Baby Costume

A highly original DIY baby costume was submitted by Lucca Graziano to People magazine. Holding a Wonka bar, this tiny tot sported green hair and white eyebrows, making him the cutest Oompa Loompa we’ve ever seen. via [People]


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