10 Popular DIY Ideas From Pinterest

Over the past few weeks, our Cool DIY Projects board on Pinterest has exploded – from a few thousand followers to now over 160,000. We’ve collected around 200 pins so far, creative ideas that run the gamut – from drinks and desserts to costumes and crafts. More than anything, they’re ideas that just inspire us to live more colorfully. Today, we highlight 10 of them that seem to be quite popular, that is, they’re the ones that have hundreds of likes, comments or repins. While clicking into some of these images provide step-by-step instructions, others just stand as a source of inspiration. (It should be noted that in all cases, we tried to link back to the original source.) Enjoy!

1. Piata Cookies

She Knows, “Why stop at the candy inside? Make the whole piata worth fighting for! These multi-striped, burro piata sugar cookies come complete with hollow centers that you can fill with a secret stash of your favorite candies. Break open or bite into these festive treats and be greeted with a sugary surprise. Ol!”


2. Watermelon Breeze

Skirt!, “Fresh, light and low cal summer drinks that are an easy breezy treat! All you need is a blender.” Sounds refreshing. Blend chilled watermelon with coconut water, fresh lime and mint.


3. Glittering Lightscape

Apartment Therapy, “Glow and Behold. We first saw this sparkling lightscape last year in the now-defunct Blueprint. It’s a lovely neutral and crystalline color palette.” A fun way to bring a little sparkle to a room. Christmas lights poked through a canvas.


4. Giant Marbles are Frozen Water Balloons

Queenvanna, “i saw the idea on flickr, way back in the summertime and i just waited and waited for the right time.” This is awesome. Fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off and they look like giant marbles. Sweet!


5. Colorful Wooden Slat Door Mat

Curbly, “Spring is in the air, people… I can feel it! All this lovely weather and optimism is making me want to get outside and make something. Perhaps this cheerful wooden door mat is just the project to channel all this springtime energy? The DIY team behind the Lowe’s blog posted this fabulous DIY door mat project recently and it’s now at the top of my to-do list! All you’ll need to make your own is some 1×2 lumber, threaded rods, and some stop nuts. Oh, and paint if you’re going to get colorful. Get all the details and the full how-to over on the Lowe’s Creative Ideas blog.” Such a perfect way to welcome guests.


6. Ping Pong Ball Lampshade

Poppytalk, “A fun little project from Marie Claire Ides (May/June) using ping pong balls and spray paint to create a playful pendant light…Here’s a little how-to: Spray balls in groups using a different color for each group (might be nice to do with an ombre effect too). They used 30 balls per group (6 rows) for a total of 180 balls for a 45 cm diameter shade. Drill a small hole with the needle into opposite ends of each ball. Using nylon thread make garlands knotting one end first then pulling thread through each ball from one hole to the other (like beading) filling up the string until all balls are used to the diameter size of your frame; tie the wire up against the last ball. Tie the garland of balls around the lampshade structure, repeat next garland, and so on until the entire shade is covered. Hang from a pendant string light such as an IKEA HEMMA cord set. Voila!”


7. Up Cupcakes

I Bake Cupcakes, “I love the animated movie UP and have wanted to make UP inspired cupcakes for a while now. I made about 48 mini vegan carob (like chocolate but not cocoa and without the caffeine) cupcakes for the balloons and mixed 7 different vegan icing colours: green, yellow, blue, red, pink, purple and orange. I used blue raspberry flavoured shoe-string licorice as the balloon strings” and “the house” was “made from a regular sized cupcake, covered in white chocolate fondant (not vegan) and then coloured in the house with food colouring pens.”


8. Come Fly With Me Balloon Cake

Lil Sugar, “Up, up, and away we go! A whimsical cake – like this intricate fondant balloon masterpiece – can take an ordinary party table to unimaginable heights. This cake is so beautiful, mama might keep the idea for her next birthday!”


9. Ombre Centerpiece

Martha Stewart Weddings, “What begins at one end with a few drops of pink in the blooms of sweet peas, hyacinths, and nerines culminates in a deluge of fuchsia peonies, ruby fringe tulips, and raspberry cyclamens. You could also create this gradient look, set in a low container here, with an aisle of vases. Complete the effect by wrapping favor boxes with our ombre-inspired paper.”


10. Stacked Flower Arrangement

Style Me Pretty. Simple, beautiful and easy, it’s a dollar store project! Stack glass bowls in different colors or flowers in each bowl.


Bonus: Reading Fort (aka Princess Fort)

Southern Disposition, “The princess fort is a central hub of activity in our house. Every night, the three of us crawl in to cuddle (we don’t have much of a choice in there) and read bedtime stories before Sadie goes to bed. It’s a prime ‘hide-and-seek’ location, and Sadie has even spent the night under there on her pillow mattress. We love it!”

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