"100 Abandonded Houses"

These are photographs of abandoned houses in Detroit. They're part of a project called ‘100 Abandoned Houses' by Kevin Bauman. You might think that 100 is a large number, but reality counts around 12.000 abandoned houses. As you can see a lot of these houses are pretty big and beautiful. Bauman started this project due to pure curiosity about the state of his hometown. These picture were taken in Detroit's Brush Park. He was always interested as to how an obviously wealthy part of town could have ended up abandoned.I couldn't believe what I saw when I saw these pictures. This all seems so sad to me. It really is. The sadness and feeling of melancholy and loss is simply dripping off those photographs as I look at them. Doesn't the city of Detroit want to preserve this incredibly beautiful part of it's heritage? What's stopping them? How is it even logical that new housing projects are being built when these gems can be renovated but are completely ignored?
Read more about why he started this project by visiting the official website for this specific project here.Click here for his personal website, showing all his projects.Apart from that, I couldn't help but imagine fantastic stories about how the family's came to live in those incredible mansions, their family history and where they are now.

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