NYC Cyclist-Inspired Print Made With 7 Different Bicycle Tires

On an average New York City street, it's common to see several people on bicycles, zipping past the congestion of cars and seamlessly gliding across the city. This cyclist-inspired print by Singapore Creative Director Thomas Yang is an amazing combination of that prominent bike culture mixed together with an iconic New York City building.

Founder of 100copies, Yang combines his passion for cycling with his love for art. He creates original products and limits each work to–you guessed it!–100 unique copies. The Cyclist's Empire is his newest creative concept that promotes this passion for speed.

Using seven different types of bicycle tires, Yang rolled ink onto paper to produce the building's recognizable shape. The striking black against white paper is a dramatically textured depiction of the Empire State Building that the artist created “to reflect New York's ever-growing tribe of cyclists–from the daily commuter to the delivery boy.”

The Cyclist's Empire website
via [Colossal]

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