15 New Sweet and Surreal Illustrations

One of our very favorite illustrators Alessandro Gottardo (aka SHOUT) just wrote to us to share some very exciting news. A few days ago, the prestigious Society of Illustrators called Gottardo to tell him that he’d won two Gold medals this year, in two separate categories.

Every year, at the end of the year, the Society of Illustrators selects around 400 illustrations among 20,000 entries to publish in their Annual. Among the 400 best illustrations, they choose the Gold and Silver medal recipients for each of the six categories: Sequential/Series, Editorial, Book, Advertising, Institutional, Uncommissioned and Moving Images. “I won Gold medals in Advertising and Sequential!,” he exclaimed.

We first fell in love with Gottardo’s sweet and surreal style back in October 2010 when we wrote this post. Curious to learn more, we quickly followed that up with an in-depth interview with him. Since then, we’ve watched his meteoric rise to fame as the talented illustrator exhibited his work in Los Angeles at Known Gallery and as he’s received award after award. We couldn’t be more happy for him.

Gottardo sent us a new batch of illustrations he’s recently worked on. When asked how his style has evolved, he told us this. “I change perspective by creating images with a more vertical and horizontal direction. For example, I look closely at Rothko’s work. I really love his straight color beams. Also the color table is a bit different.

“My perspectives now tend to be more straight and less from the top. The concept is still central.”

Alessandro Gottardo’s website

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