Emotional Winter Olympic Moments

What is it about the Olympics that keeps us glued to the screen, jumping/shouting/screaming at the tv like we've completely lost our minds? The easy answer is that we're in awe of these athletes – the ones who have trained tirelessly for years and, for some, a lifetime for their chance to show us, their country, the world and themselves that they are the best. But it's not just the physical strength or the technique we're in awe of, it's their mental focus. Because we all know that it's the mental game that will separate the winners from the losers.

But what makes us hold our breath when Kim Yuna skates or when Shaun White lands his Double McTwist? It's feeling their emotions. Because even though we'll never have the weight of 50 million South Koreans on our shoulders, we have felt the overwhelming joy and relief of hard work finally paying off.

And what about the crashes, the slight misstep that stripped athletes of their glory? We feel for these Olympians too. But with defeat comes a valuable learning experience, one that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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