20 Unusually Awesome Art Mediums

different art mediums trash art installation

This post is dedicated to the idea that creativity can flow out of any of us. Beyond classical painting and sculpture, different art mediums open up a host of possibilities. In fact, everywhere you look these days, you see people turning something quite ordinary into something unbelievably extraordinary.

Like Yuken Teruya who delicately carves commercial paper bags and transforms them into magnificent miniature trees or Maurizio Savini who turns Hubba Bubba into high art, these artists are the ones who remind us that the best kind of art isn't the most complicated, it's the kind that leaves us with an experience.

Explore our curated list of innovative mediums of art and get your creative juices flowing.

Medium: Trash

Medium: Recycled Carrier Bags

eden project trash bag art mediums

Eden Project [Via WebUrbanist]

Medium: Colored Pencils

Medium: Discarded Shopping Bags

Medium: Dice and Gambling Chips

Medium: Jello

Medium: Cassette Tapes

Medium: Post-it Notes

Medium: Kodaimai Rice

Medium: Chewing Gum

maurizio savini chewing gum art mediums

Maurizio Savini [Via Telegraph]

Medium: Traffic Barrels

joseph carnevale installation art

Joseph Carnevale [Via Digg]

Medium: Prescription Bottles

Medium: Discarded Lottery Tickets

Medium: Records

Medium: Dirt on a Car

Medium: Bath Tubs

Medium: Beer Cans

Medium: Pantone Color Chips

pantone color chips art mediums

Bates141 Jakarta [Via Scene360]

pantone chips art mediums

Bates141 Jakarta [Via Scene360]

Medium: Cake

Medium: Bic Pen

Feeling inspired? Share your favorite art mediums with us!

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