2009 People’s Choice Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

The 2009 People's Choice Awards, took over the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 7, 2009. The 35th annual CBS ceremony presented results of votes from some 13 million fans.Queen Latifah, this year's host, flailed about with abandon like an over-zealous Southern Baptist preacher from the church of Lil' Jon, screaming “Yes we can” over and over as the show started. Isn't the campaign over? The Jello is jiggling in the refrigerator! The Jenny Craig spokeswoman looked edible, like a multi-layered mocha-late muffin. She swerved her neck so frequently, I thought her head was going to fall off.The fashion did not disappoint. Fun colors ruled at this “first award show of the year” – in essence a glitzy Hollywood pep rally – in good ways and bad.

Carrie Underwood, who delivered a smashing performance, by the way.

Now, to the dresses!THE GOOD – Architectural shapes rock
Debra Messing
The pretty, doe-eyed Marisa Tomei
The crinkle-y but-her-face Teri Hatcher in a fantastic black silk wrap dress. Argentinian Tango, anyone?
The bewitching Olivia Wilde

Breast cancer fighter Christina Applegate, whose TV show Samantho Who? is completely adorable. She won!THE BAD – Is LSD back? Because these people are on it.
Paris Hilton, coockoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Kate Hudson (I kid you not), brutally sabotaged by her stylist.

A sloshed, loud Hudson's acceptance speech (fast forward to 02:15) made me throw up in my mouth.


Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, again. Double Jeopardy.

Low self esteem, anyone? Jenni Garth (left) looking like she just stepped out of the movie Doubt in a black sheath up to her neck, a stark contrast to the eager sex kitten AnnaLynne McCord next to her. That girl looks like she'd make out with anything.
Whats-her-name from 90210. Trust me – you don't know and you don't care.

Robin Tunney (of CBS's The Mentalist), representing the Charlotte Russe store of Santa Ana Main Place Mall.The Hater
Hello, Katherine Heigl! This isn't the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. Any one of your 27 Dresses would have been more suitable for the occasion.Additional highlights“The Dark Knight” swept all five awards for which it was nominated, including Favorite Cast, Superhero, Action Movie and On-screen Match-up for Christian Bale‘s Batman and the late Heath Ledger‘s Joker. “On behalf of all of the cast from the movie, thank you very much to the fans,” said Bale. “Here's to Heath.”Gavin Rosedale, a.k.a. Mr. Gwen Stefani or “Bush Guy”, looking extra foxy in a Asian fusion Kung-Fu-tastic suit (see him in Kate Hudson video, above)Ellen DeGeneres presenting the first award of the evening for Kate Hudson, because Miss Kate was stuck in traffic, which may be code for “downing shots” (see same video, above). During her acceptance speech for Best Talk Show Host (well deserved!), she referred to Portia DeRossi as her “roommate”.The trophy-handling stage girls are dressed like hoochie mamas this year, send me a picture if you can find one.Full list of winners.Next up, the Globes this Sunday. Bring it!January 7: People's Choice Awards, CBS 9PM.January 8: Critics' Choice Awards, VH1 9PM.January 11: Golden Globe Awards, NBC 8PM.January 25: Screen Actors Guild Awards, TNT, TBS 8PM.February 8: Grammy Awards, CBS 8PM.February 12: NAACP Image Awards, FOX 8PM.February 21: Spirit Awards, IFC 8PM.February 22: Academy Awards, ABC 8PM.

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