2012 The Movie Wants to Scare the BeJesus Out of You.

Is the end really near? Should we trash our computers, leave our desk jobs, and run for the hills? Better yet, maybe we should bust out the Jagermeister and party it up till December 21, 2012 really hits! Sony pictures has an idea of their own – how about watch their movie, so aptly named 2012, coming out on July 10th and get scared out of our minds? Though their trailer didn't make me want to pee in my pants, I've got to give it to them for conjuring up an interesting marketing campaign. At the end of the trailer, they don't ask you to check out their flashy microsite, no, they just want you to “Google 2012”. And, my friends, if you do this…you'll find everything from a Wikipedia entry to yes, their microsite. More interesting, however, is that Sony has devilishly created a “sneaky viral plan” that's already under way to “seed the internet with mad prophesizing” during the next three weeks. Ad Age is saying that there's “one's such bogus Sony site, instituteforhumancontinuity.org, has been offering “lottery tickets” for those interested in being saved from certain destruction in 2012. Just plug in your e-mail address, and you'll begin to get messages from its “communications director.” Brilliant, I say! Alas, I'll probably be making my way to the theater come July 10th to see the movie myself. If it's really Doomsday, I got to get prepared!

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