Winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013

Earth & Space: Winner

About a month and a half ago the spectacular shortlist for the 2013 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition was revealed and now the winners have been announced. Astronomy photographers, or astrophotographers, from around the world have participated in this mesmerizing contest, submitting their breathtaking shots of star-speckled landscapes, colorful nebulas, dramatically waning and waxing moons, as well as dazzling eclipses (solar and lunar).

The competition invited international shutterbugs, professionals and amateurs, and came to a close on September 19th with a list of winners, runner-ups, and highly-commended entries. With four main categories–Earth and Space, Our Solar System, Deep Space, and Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year–and three special awards (People and Space, Robotic Scope, and Best Newcomer), the winners cover a wide spectrum of galactic spectacles and natural phenomenons.

The competition, which is run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich in association with Sky at Night Magazine, has published a book featuring a collection of images from this year’s shortlist that can currently be purchased directly through their shop.

Top photo: Guiding Light to the Stars by Mark Gee (Australia)

Earth & Space: Runner-Up

Green Energy by Fredrik Broms (Norway)

Earth & Space: Highly Commended

Snowy Range Perseid Meteor Shower by David Kingham (USA)

Deep Space: Winner

Celestial Impasto: sh2–239 by Adam Block (USA)

Deep Space: Runner-Up

Rho Ophiuchi and Antares Nebulae by Tom O'Donoghue (Ireland)

Deep Space: Highly Commended

Floating Metropolis – NGC 253 by Michael Sidonio (Australia)

Our Solar System: Winner

Corona Composite of 2012: Australian Totality by Man-To Hui (China)

Our Solar System: Runner-Up

Magnetic Maelstrom by Alan Friedman (USA)

Our Solar System: Highly Commended

Ring of Fire Sequence by Jia Hao (Singapore)

Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Winner

The Milky Way Galaxy by Jacob Marchio (USA), aged 14

Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Highly Commended

The Waxing Crescent Moon by Jacob Marchio (USA), aged 14

People and Space: Winner

Moon Silhouettes by Mark Gee (Australia)

People and Space: Runner-Up

Hi. Hello. By Ben Canales (USA)

Robotic Scope: Winner

The Trapezium Cluster and Surrounding Nebulae by Lszl Francsics (Hungary)

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize for Best Newcomer: Winner

Venus Transit, Foxhunter's Grave, Welsh Highlands by Sam Cornwell (UK)

via [Telegraph]

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