Me? An Ambassador?

Ok, so I guess this is where the self-love comes in (Kara, I am trying). I wanted to tell you how I became 1 of 100 ambassadors of OneWebDay, 'cause it's quite hilarious. I wanted to sign up for a social network or Web 2.0 conference, so I was clicking around on websites (this was literally 2 days ago) and happened to come across something about Craig Newmark. I had read about him before but saw that he had a blog – so decided to read it. First thing I thought was, hey – it's cool that he's actually endorsing Barack Obama – good to see people taking a stance. As I scrolled down, I saw a blog post about how he truly believed in this cause – OneWebDay. Everyone knows that I am crazy about the web and what it is, has and will do for our society. I've written about it, I've talked my friends' ears off about it (sorry, Grace O and Grace sis)…but I had never thought that someone would be organizing a movement around it. So I felt compelled to write something up – about what the web means to me. I wrote it with tears in my eyes (no joking here, i don't want to imagine any of you laughing), telling Sam and Eugene that it would mean so much to me if I became one of their ambassadors. That brings me to yesterday, when I get an email that tells me that I was chosen. Here was my first reaction. WAAAAAAAAA? (that's What, in my own way) Next came excitement because when I see something that I really truly believe in….I will do anything in my power to make it happen. Good products, people and movements need to be recognized. It's a damn shame if they're not. I've since reached out to a lot of my old friends from MTV, MySpace, and CNN and wrote emails out to industry connectors like Jack Myers and Cynthia's to help spread the word. I asked Susan to joined our site (she did in a matter of minutes)…I couldn't be more thrilled. What I've learned (in just these past two day especially) is that when you put yourself out there the world (or God or the universe) will help you. I hope you will join me in celebrating OneWebDay. Here's my story.

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