I've done a few posts now outside and inside the Met about our wonderful members. A lot of them have been focused on photographers or artists but today I wanted to highlight an old friend, someone near and dear to our hearts, Gary Zane. Gary has been in our lives in one way or another for over 10 years now. We all met while going to undergrad at UCLA and he was even a groomsman in our wedding.

Gary's one of the older ones in our group – I say older and wiser. Despite his old age, he's always up to do something, whether that's going to a chalk festival in Pasadena or trying out a new restaurant in Culver City. (You're not THAT old, Gary, it's just fun clowning you.) This past weekend we went to Ocean Star Seafood in Alhambra (see future blog post) for some dim sum. We started talking about how Gary went through eight additional years after college for both for his medical school and residency. EIGHT WHOLE YEARS AFTER UNDERGRAD. He's been practicing Anesthesiology now for two years. I'm constantly impressed by my friends and in this case, Gary. It's the commitment it takes to become a doctor – the sacrifice and hard work – that I most admire. Our lunch conversation led us to talking about the sacrifices our parents had to make for us. As Asian immigrants, they came here with only a dream. A dream for a better life for their future families. They couldn't speak the language, they had no money in their pockets, they only had the will to succeed. Gary comes from a family of doctors and his appreciation for what his parents have done for him shows through not only in his words but in his actions. He talks humbly about the hard work it took to get through his graduate studies – that his sacrifice was nothing compared to his parents. It's only later in our lives that we truly appreciate what our parents have done for us. I feel as though it is our duty, as their children, to not only build upon their success, to live a life that's happy and fulfilling, but to succeed beyond our dreams and theirs. Thanks for joining the Met, Gary. Let's hang out next weekend!

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