Fro-Yo Wars: Cantaloop pulls ahead of Pinkberry and Red Mango

Yesterday, a bunch of us went to eat lunch at Tokyo 7-7 in Culver City (see past blog post), then we hopped around the corner to grab some dessert at Cantaloop. This location, on Main Street and Culver, just opened on Friday. I was skeptical about ANOTHER Pinkberry – I mean don't get me wrong, I am proud of the Korean folks who are opening these up, it's just that I worry about an oversaturated frozen yogurt market. So we step inside and I think, hey this place has the same sort of modern design as Pinkberry but it's simpler and cleaner. Menu showed original and flavored yogurt – mango, blueberry and pomegranate. Ooo pomegranate.

Now, I am not a crazy Pinkberry fanatic by any means. Sam craves this stuff way more than I do – here's an old picture to prove it.

But that pomegranate flavor was damn good. Not too tart, not too creamy, not too sweet. Here's Sam enjoying it. (Notice, bigger smile here at Cantaloop.)

Here are my friends enjoying their yogurt (and goofing around).

Employees were super friendly…also notice how they have a good selection of toppings…

I also liked the patio in front where we could just hang out and enjoy our fro-yo.

Later that night we stopped by Red Mango but didn't enjoy the yogurt – a little too thick and creamy.

So now that we have tried all three – I would definitely say that Cantaloop might just be my favorite. I talked to the owners and they said that they would be getting melon flavored fro-yo soon. Can't wait for that. If you want tart and trendy, go with Pinkberry. If you want something a little sweeter and more flavorful go to Cantaloop. And if you like things creamy, go with Red Mango. Cantaloop (Yelp) 3835 Main Street Culver City, CA 90232

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