Shu Uemura- Awesome Japanese cosmetics/skincare line

I have been using Shu Uemura for about 4 years now. It always seems like whenever I tell someone I use their products, they've never heard of the line…. which is NUTS because its awesome.They're mostly known for their false lashes, which I use religiously. I started using them after chemo when I didn't have any lashes. Their lashes are so natural looking and easy to apply. They aren't the cheapest around, but I really feel you get what you pay for.These are the strip lashes I used when I had NO EYELASHES: False Eyelashes Luxe BrownInspired by the mink false eyelashes custom-ordered by celebrities, this synthetic version features a criss-crossed design to provide the most voluminous lashes. Thicker at the roots, it tapers at the tips for luscious-looking lashes with a defined eyeline.Now I use these individual ones just to fill in: Flare Eyelashes BlackIndividual flared eyelashes to be used for detailed areas.Their eyelash curler is always being written up in beauty magazines as the “tool we can't live without”. They have them in nickel and in gold incase you're allergic to nickel… which I guess is pretty common.The man thing I use from Shu Uemura is their skincare line. I think they BY FAR have the BEST skincare over any other brand.I start with their oil cleanser. I use the mid level cleanser which I think suits my skin the best. The website says:A luxuriously rich oil that gently removes makeup and impurities, Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/I is infused with medicinal herbs such as chamomile and licorice root to soothe and smooth dry, sensitive skin while simultaneously working to reverse the signs of aging. This oil is recommended for use along with the Phyto Black Lift series to complete a perfect anti-aging skincare regimen.Two-in-one cleanser and makeup removerContains Licorice Root Derivative and Chamomile Extract to help soothe the skinIdeal for those with damaged, dry or sensitive skin, seeking anti-aging benefits150mL and 450mLThen I use this: The Dep Sea moisture recovery lotion… which is more of a water… not a lotion, but oh well. The website says:The first step in the Depsea Moisture Replenishing skincare regimen. An ultra-soft and lightweight toning water that smoothes and replenishes skin with a complex of Empowered Depsea Water, Skin Flora Controller and Three Seaweed Extract. With use, skin is smooth, moisturized and radiant.Depsea Water and Advanced Hydrating Agents replenish skin and help lock in moistureThree Seaweed Extracts provide long-lasting hydration for up to 8-hoursSkin Flora Controller gently removes dead skin cells to promote smooth, radiant skinApply after cleansing, before moisturizer; Apply directly onto face or with Original CottonSuitable for those seeking extra-hydration150mLTHEN I use: The Dep Sea water facial mist. It is also great to use as a skin freshener during the day just one spritz on your face with your make up on, it helps wake me up after a nap or something. The website says:A facial mist utilizing the purest, most stable water on earth. Use anytime over the face, skin, or hair to revive spirits and provide hydration.Unique Depsea water contains over 60 minerals to help enhance skin's moisture balance. Click here to learn more about Depsea water.Skin is perfectly hydrated with enhanced clarity and improved quality.Free of artificial color and lightly scented with natural extractsAvailable in two different phytotherapy effects: Relaxing and RefreshingSuitable for all skin types150mL(I've never used it on my hair like they say you can.) AND I like the Lavender scent. Its the only one I've ever used.LAST, I use this: The Dep Sea Moisture replenishing emulsion with an SPF. Awesome moisturizer. The reason I use the waters first is because if you think about a dry sponge, it doesn't work very well at absorbing. If you wet it first, then it absorbs better. Your skin is the same way which is why you shouldn't put moisturizer on a dry face. The website says:The final step of a Depsea Moisture Replenishing regimen. A refreshing, lightweight moisturizing lotion that delivers essential moisture to the skin with a complex of Empowered Depsea Water and Three Seaweed Extract. With use, skin is softer and balanced with moisture.Three Seaweed Extract and Empowered Depsea Water deliver essential moisture to the skinHydrating Agents replenish skin and provide balanced, all-day hydrationLightweight formula veils skin with the perfect amount of Depsea hydrationSuitable for normal/combination skin with oily tendencies.50mLI know this sounds like a lot, but it goes quick. I swear by this stuff. People are always commenting on my great skin. I never break out, and I am never dry or oily. When I get facials, the lady always comments on how healthy my skin is.I also exfoliate once a week with: I like this scrub because its not too harsh, but I really feel that it gets all the dead stuff off my skin. I always feel really soft after. The website says:A unique, oil-gel based scrub with micro-beads that delivers a gentle yet effective brightening effect. Use 1-3 times per week on dry skin after cleansing.Active Ingredients:Depsea Water – helps moisturize and hydrate the skinGentlana Extract – soothes and protects skinGlycerin – helps attract moisture to the skinBitter Cherry Extract – helps promote exfoliationANOTHER product I love (I swear they didn't pay me to say this… although I wish they did) is the Moisture Recovery Cream I've never actually bought it… they always give me samples. haha…I'm so cheap. The website says:A translucent, water-infused moisturizing cream that contains a complex of Depsea Water, seaweed longevity extract and Japanese floral extracts. Rich yet absorbs instantly, this cream immediately plumps the skin with moisture to provide a soft, radiant glow.Optimizes skin's moisture balanceContains Depsea Water, seaweed and Japanese floral extractsUnique texture immediately plumps skin with moistureSuitable for normal/combination skin with drier tendencies30gThere is a Shu Uemura store in South Coast Plaza by Fendi downstairs in the Nordie's wing. They also sell at Barneys, Neimans… and some Nordstroms (I think they just started to carry it).Here are a few other cool picture from their website. I also added some pictures of their really cool costume-y lashes for fun.Depsea Watershu uemura Depsea Water"Just as we thirst for water, so toodoes the skin yearn for its thirst to be quenched.Spare nothing taking care of it.Give it the purest, most luscious water"- Shu Uemurashu uemura Depsea water evolution began more than eight years ago when Mr. Shu Uemura began to consider the application of deep-sea water to cosmetics, having heard the "mythical" properties of the water on the skin from common folklore – the soothing properties it has on eczema and the use of the ingredient in food and medicine. This revelation was restated when he discovered the pumping of deep-sea water in Cape Muroto, Japan. Upon touch of the water, Mr. Uemura discovered how gentle, soft and moisturizing the water felt on the skin. He immediately understood the implications it could have in a cosmetic formulation.Deep-sea water resides far below the ocean surface, where it is naturally stable, purified and enriched with vital minerals. Rarely rising above the lower ocean current in which it circulates, the mineral rich water can be found in the coastal waters off Hawaii, Norway and Japan's Cape Muroto in Kochi Prefecture. In order to explore the potential of deep-sea water in cosmetics, Mr. Shu Uemura founded the Muroto Factory Museum in Kochi Prefecture in 1989, and shu uemura cosmetics became the first company in the world to incorporate deep-sea water into cosmetic products.Deep-sea water contains more than 60 ocean minerals to boost the natural function of the skin. Trace minerals such as lithium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, copper, zinc and calcium in deep-sea water have a high affinity with human skin and can quickly absorb to rapidly refresh and hydrate skin. Compared to surface sea water, deep-sea water has three superior characteristics:- PURITY without any deterioration from acid rain or industrial draining- RICHNESS of minerals and nutrient substance- STABILITY in low temperatureshu uemura Depsea Water – aka, "water from the depths of the sea" – is taken from the depth of the ocean where sunlight does not reach, at 200 meters. Pumped directly from the location, it is also bottled at the source, where the shu uemura manufacturing facility resides. Completely free of artificial color, natural aromatic extracts are then added to become lightly scented mists that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, hair and body. It is also a key raw ingredient used in many of shu uemura makeup and skincare products.

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