La Cachette: A hard to find French restaurant, a truly spectacular experience

Our good friend Tony, who coincidentally told us that Gyu-Kaku was the bomb, also recommended this French restaurant named La Cachette. Now mind you, I am not a big French food fan. In fact, we went to Paris about a year ago and I almost swore it off for good. I did go to Bastide not too long ago (and enjoyed it) but still. Yes, the sauces are supposed to be exquisite but I've always been skeptical about French food…small portions, pretty expensive, not THAT tasty. Well, tonight that all changed. We took Omar and Mariah, out to dinner tonight to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Zara. We were thinking of buying Zara some baby clothes but instead opted to take the proud parents out for a nice night out. This hard to find place is on little Santa Monica. We were 20 minutes late on our reservation but we eventually got there.

You walk in and you immediately think – a little larger than expected from the outside, very cute French/California decor (Tony had told us about this California twist)…and actually pretty crowded… Immediately they give us a little something…Sam jokes – is this dinner? Ah. Classic French food.

Delicious little thing – all warm in our mouths…very good though…..we order appetizers…go a little daring with the escargot with mushrooms and the salmon mousse calamari.

First bites and we are now shocked at how great things are tasting…like little explosions in our mouths…then we order our entrees….filet mignon beef stew for me (the special)

the grilled halibut for Mariah (another special)…

Filet of Beef (Natural Black Angus Filet of Beef topped with a Shallot Melt served with Puff Potatoes and Porcinis in a Pink Peppercorn Garlic Sauce) for Omar….

and this Provenal Bouillabaisse (served with Black Mussels, Clams and an assortment of Market Fish with a side of Rouille and Homemade Provenal Crotons) for Sam.

We're now all completely surprised by how delicious everything is tasting. Omar's meat is tender but the sauce on top of it he says is “subtle” yet absolutely delicious. He quickly polishes it off. Sam's seafood stew is very rich and creamy but almost bursting with flavor. My beef stew is a bit salty but the filet mignon is so soft. Mariah comments that her halibut is not dry for being grilled. We move on to dessert – chocolate souffle (ordered at the start of the meal) and chocolate lava cake. Again, it all quickly disappears. The chocolate souffle is hot in the middle, I'm talking almost burn your tongue hot.

So all through dinner I am snapping away, twittering, uploading pics to Facebook and we all start wondering..why are they serving us extra dishes? A few extra cracker things, an extra dish of desserts..we start getting suspicious. Do they think we're real reporters? How interesting and funny! Well, after some coffee and tea…we head out and I see the chef sitting near us…and, of course, me being the “I need to enter their world/experience” freak that I am, ask him if I may take a picture with him. (Why my arm is positioned that way is beyond me.)

and then I ask the waitress, bc not only was she naturally stunning, she had the most amazing memory! I love it when waiters/waitresses can recite all the specials with no notes!

Overall? Excellent food, amazing service, beautifully quaint. Also, hella expensive. But it was a nice treat for all of us. Who should go? People who swore off French food but are interested in how this restaurant can restore their faith in it. People who are willing to pay for a very unique experience – spectacular service at a hard to find gem in West LA. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that entree dinners and desserts were good size! (The appetizers though are small.) Tips: Save up your dinero. You are definitely going to be shelling out some dough. Get on little Santa Monica – it's between the large streets, Westwood and Beverly Glen – On Little Santa Monica and Thayer – valet parking on the side. La Cachette (Yelp) 10506 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 310.470.4992 Thanks for a spectacular night, Mariah and Omar. Let's do it again soon! ADDING THIS TIP FROM TONY: YOU CAN GET A $50 GIFT CARD FOR $25 BUCKS HERE. La Cachette on Urbanspoon

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