My Modern Metropolis is Busting its Doors Open: July 28th (Monday) at 8am

As much as the Met has opened up new and exciting opportunities and ideas, it's also given me a fair amount of stress. Putting yourself out to the public is damn scary, I don't care who you are. So as much as I love conquering that fear, I can't help but struggle with it each and every day. Here are the particular questions that have haunted me these past few weeks: 1. Will I ever feel ready to open up the Met to the public? 2. How will it change the dynamics of the group? 3. What new challenges will we face? But then I start thinking about all the great things that can come of this. How a lot of people outside of our circle can really benefit from the content we have. And then I shake myself, slap myself around a little, give myself a little pep talk and make myself look not at this picture:

but at this picture:

People are inherently good and as much as this journey has been about trusting myself and my friends, it is also about trusting people, in general. That being said, we are currently writing up our Blog and Forum rules to let everyone (mostly the new people) know what is and is not permissible. These will be released shortly. Though anyone can sign up, admins will still approve everyone signing up. This is to prevent unsolicited companies or spammers trying to come in. Also, I'd like to kindly remind everyone that you can change your privacy setting under “My Settings” in the upper right corner under “Hello, ___”. If you'd like to go completely incognito, go ahead and change your picture or name (or both). Also, if you'd like your pictures, video and blog post viewed by just you or your friends, you can go ahead and make that change.

Please double check all of your privacy settings and feel free to go through and delete anything you currently have that you feel uneasy about in the forum, blog or on your own page. Well everyone, it's been an exciting two months, hasn't it?! Are we ready for this? (I am imagining everyone shouting “Hell Yeah!”) In all seriousness, thanks for taking this journey with us and please let all your friends know that on Monday, the Met will open! Thanks for all of your support – you are the original metropolites and we couldn't haven't gotten this far without you.

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