Im all shook up!

Strong Earthquake Slams Los AngelesLOS ANGELES (AP) ? A strong earthquake has shaken Southern California.The late Tuesday morning jolt was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego, and slightly in Las Vegas.LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — A magnitude-5.8 earthquake has struck just east of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.The quake's epicenter was about 2 miles southwest of Chino Hills and about 5 miles southeast of Diamond Bar, the USGS said. Chino Hills is about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.The center was about 7.6 miles deep. In general, earthquakes centered closer to the Earth's surface produce stronger shaking and can cause more damage than those further underground.A 5.8 magnitude quake is considered by the USGS to be “moderate,” which can cause slight damage to buildings and others structures. About 500 can happen globally each year, the survey says.We had a decent quake guys!Hope no one had anything valuble on shelves break!Richter Magnitudes Description Earthquake Effects Frequency of OccurrenceLess than 2.0 Micro Microearthquakes, not felt. About 8,000 per day2.0-2.9 Minor Generally not felt, but recorded. About 1,000 per day3.0-3.9 Minor Often felt, but rarely causes damage. 49,000 per year (est.)4.0-4.9 Light Noticeable shaking of indoor items, rattling noises. Significant damage unlikely. 6,200 per year (est.)5.0-5.9 Moderate Can cause major damage to poorly constructed buildings over small regions. At most slight damage to well-designed buildings. 800 per year6.0-6.9 Strong Can be destructive in areas up to about 160 kilometres (100 mi) across in populated areas. 120 per year7.0-7.9 Major Can cause serious damage over larger areas. 18 per year8.0-8.9 Great Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred miles across. 1 per year9.0-9.9 Great Devastating in areas several thousand miles across.1 per 20 years10.0+ Epic Never recorded; see below for equivalent seismic energy yield.Extremely rare (Unknown) — it is estimated that the impact that supposedly wiped out the Dinosaurs had an equivalent magnitude of around 16-17(Based on U.S. Geological Survey documents.)[2]

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