The Maine Lobster Experience: 3 Places, 6 Lobsters (Each), 2 People Who Loved Every Minute of it!

While visiting Mom Judy and Daddy Bob a few days ago, Sam and I were taken on a whirlwind tour of Maine lobster hot spots. Knowing how crazy we are for food, they took us to Musgongus Bay Lobster Company our first night and maui wowie it was the best damn lobster we have ever tasted! Muscongus Bay Lobster Company A few things about this place that was awesome: 1. Environment – Pier seating on the deck is pretty basic, just a bunch of benches. But you are overlooking the beautiful Round Pond harbor. The night we went the fog had rolled in and the fishing boats sitting on the still water was so picturesque.

2. Food – The lobster is to die for. Never have I ever had such fresh lobster. They purchase fresh live lobsters daily directly from their own fisherman at their buying station on one end of the pier and operate a retail lobster cook-shack on the other side. They only have the very basics on their menu but that's all you need. It's all about the lobster, baby!

This family owned business specializes in high quality soft shells, locally farmed oysters, locally dug soft shell clams, and fresh, locally grown sweet Maine corn. All of which were amazing. Single is one lobster, Double is two and then you decide on soft or hard shell.

Why was the lobster so good? Bc it's so damn fresh and bc you can actually drink the lobster juice from a claw! That was probably the best part of the whole experience! Daddy Bob gave me and Sam a lesson in “Lobster Eating 101” that taught us how to eat a lobster properly. When in Maine, baby! They cook the lobster, clams and mussels just right. It's pure perfection. 3. BYOB – You can bring your own wine and beer, sit back, smell the lobster cooking and just chow down on lobster. Does life get any better? Here's the family:

Who Should Go? If you are in Boston or Maine and you want to have the freshest, most delicious lobster in a beautiful setting…this is it! Muscongus Bay Lobster Company (Yelp) 28 Landing Rd Round Pond, ME 04564 (207) 529-2251 Shaw's Fish and Lobster Wharf Ok..moving on to lobster place #2. The next day for lunch we convince the brothers to take us to another lobster place, this time it's Shaw's. This place has great lobster but the environment here wasn't quite the same as at Muscongus. The menu here is vast not like Musgongus which only had a few key items. The kids only this time:

View was ok compared to Musgongus.

Lobster was equally good.

Just goofing off before we left.

Who Should Go? People who want an indoor and outdoor seating area. People who like more variety than just lobster/clams/mussels – Grace got a hamburger 'cause she was ODing on the lobster experience. (Yeah, that's why she's known as the crazy sister.) Shaw's Fish and Lobster Wharf (Frommers) 129 Route 32 New Harbor, Maine 207.677.2200 Red's Eats Our 3rd and last place, Red's Eats. Now this place is a little shack in this little New England village called Wiscasset. It was raining, it was on our way out and Sam points to this little hut that has a 10 person line. These people were waiting in the rain for lobster. Why? This is Maine! Lobster is abundant! Well, it's because they take out at least the meat of one whole one lb lobster and put it on a nice warm buttery bun. Then, you dip that whole thing into some warm butter and wa-la! Pure heaven. I should have checked Yelp bc someone had suggested slathering mayonnaise on top. Now that would have been even better! Notice Sam's enthusiasm…even in the rain. (Houston, we have a problem. This man is insatiable.)

Sam, before he devours the puppy:

Up close and personal:

Who Should Go? People who want to experience the LA Pinks phenomenon (long line, tourist thing to do) but east coast style. We hear from the locals that the lines can be obnoxiously long but, in their opinion, totally worth it! Red's Eats (Yelp) 41 Main St Wiscasset, ME 04578 (207) 882-6128 So how would we rank these experiences? #1 Muscongus -They specialize in only a few things but sometimes less is more. #2 Red's Eats – Easy to eat lobster with lots of warm drawn butter. #3 Shaw's – If you're looking for indoor/outdoor seating with good lobster. Super fabulous time in Maine – thanks, Daddy Bob and Mom Judy for making it a trip we'll never forget!

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