MTV Movie Awards this weekend – June 1st, Sun 8p EST

Mike Myers hosts this year's MTV Movie Awards held this Sunday, Live, at the Universal Amphitheatre (8p EST).
Mike's promoting his new movie coming out “The Love Guru”…actually pretty funny bit he had on American Idol recently…(see videos section)

Performances by Coldplay (Violet Hill) and PussyCat Dolls.

More interesting than anything (well, for me at least, me=marketing geek) is how producer of the event, Mark Burnett (of Survivor and Apprentice fame) and MTV are going to weave some brands into this show. With MB at the helm we're bound so see some creative schtuff.

For this marquee event, ad characters will pop up during the show, as will custom-created sponsor commercials that feature the program's stars and behind-the-scenes snippets. It's all intended to create a fluid motion between the June 1 show and integrated brands Old Navy and Wrigley's Orbit.
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and who doesn't like looking at the schwag they'll be getting? tell me why again rich celebs get free stuff? (don't answer that)

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