Shojin – A Japanese Vegan Dining Experience: Downtown LA

As some of you know, my girlfriend is studying to become a dietician and every so often the subject of “veganism” comes up. After seeing that Shojin, a Japanese vegan restuarant in Downtown received 4.5 stars on Yelp, I decided to give the whole vegan thing a shot. Annie ordered assorted grilled vegetables and tempeh with original sweet barbeque sauce. (above) I ordered the tomato soup spaghetti – nutritious kamut spaghetti in herbal tomoto soup with fresh tomatoes and arugula. (below)

It's in the same center as Honda Ya Izakaya and Mitsuwa

The interior was simple, clean, and modern

The grilled vegetables were REALLY good. My spaghetti was a little bland but when I ate it with the grilled vegetables that made it better. The service at this joint was top notch. The server answered many of my questions regarding recommendations and was even gracious enough to walk us out of the restaurant. He actually walked outside with us – now that's service! I would recommend trying this restaurant out if you're feeling adventurous and want to try vegan cuisine. The menu at Shojin is well thought out, the service was great, and you walk out of there feeling like the healthiest kid in town. Shojin website Shojin reviews on Yelp 333 S Alameda St. Ste 310 Los Angeles, CA 90013 213.617.0305

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