Damn Good Spring Rolls and a Great Cuban Sandwich at a Fabulous Marketplace: Ferry Building, SF

On Ju's recommendation we wanted to check out the Saturday morning farmer's market and then tour around the Ferry Building. We got there right around lunch time and enjoyed walking around the stalls…San Francisco's largest farmers market is held there on Tuesdays and Saturdays year-round and Thursday evenings in the summer.

The Ferry Building was reopened in 2004 as an upscale gourmet marketplace, office building, and re-dedicated ferry terminal. It is definitely an artisan food mecca – think specialized shops dedicated to doing one thing right. The ultimate Whole Foods broken up into different stores.

And who doesn't love walk-by oysters? They had all the condiments ready to go for you…lemon juice, tabasco, horseradish, cocktail sauce! Of course, hours later this would give me a stomachache but how could I pass this up!?

Our hungry stomachs led us to Slanted Door but they laughed at us when we asked for a table. “Ha! Sorry, miss, we're booked FOR THE DAY!” Yikes. After talking to Elaine, she tells me that it's really tough to get reservations at this trendy spot.

Disappointed but not defeated, we shuffled around the corner and had their rejected, little sister equivalent – Out the Door.

Now here is where that Yelp app on my iPhone came in handy. I checked out the rating (3 1/2) which was decent enough. After reading some reviews, we decided to check out these famous spring rolls and then ordered the chicken noodle dish and the rice porridge. The rice porridge was WAY too gingery – they left huge chunks of ginger inside which made that taste too overpowering.

The chicken noodle dish was just Vietnamese bun – delicious with the fish sauce. Can't mess that dish up too much.

The spring rolls though. OH MY. Nice, huge pieces of shrimp, a good mix of vermicelli and veggies, and smooth, delicious peanut sauce. Sure there are no seats but you go outside, pop a squat near the water and just enjoy the afternoon sun.

The next day, we came back to the Ferry Building with our friends – Stacy, Ken, Elaine and Doug. This time lunch was at the Market Bar – a nicely designed restaurant that's teetering on touristy.

The sandwiches were delicious, if not a little pricey. In order not to make this post too long, I'm going to stop there. A nice place to enjoy the afternoon…after taking a break from the Ferry building. Everyone enjoyed their selection, especially Sam, with his Cuban pork sandwich!

Ferry Building Hours: Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm; Saturday, 9am to 6pm; and Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Ferry Building (Yelp) 1 Ferry Bldg San Francisco, CA 94111 (415) 693-0996 Out the Door (Yelp) Market Bar (Yelp)

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