The World’s Best Places to Live: Who Comes in at #1?

Survey was done by Mercer (from Wikipedia): Mercer is a human resource consulting firm, headquartered in New York City, New York, that is recognized as one of the leading business institutions in the world. It has been ranked by, Inc. as the #1 human resource consultancy for several years running, including most recently in 2008.[1] Among all consulting firms, Mercer is currently ranked #8 for prestige.[2] * Consultants rated each city on a variety of factors including the level of traffic congestion, air quality, and personal safety reported by expatriates living in more than 600 cities worldwide. The rankings are based on a point scoring index, with Zurich scoring 108 and Baghdad scoring 13.5. Cities are compared to New York as the base city, with an index score of 100. The quality-of-living survey covers 215 cities and is conducted to help governments and major companies place employees on international assignments. The survey also identifies those cities with the highest personal safety ranking based on internal stability, crime, effectiveness of law enforcement, and relationships with other countries. #1: Zurich, Switzerland

#2 (tied): Vienna, Austria

#2 (tied): Geneva, Switzerland

#4: Vancouver, Canada

#5: Auckland, New Zealand

#6: Dusseldorf, Germany

#7 (tie): Munich, Germany

#7 (tie): Frankfurt, Germany

#9: Bern, Switzerland

#10: Sydney, Australia

US comes into play at #28 with Honolulu. Full list at Businessweek Thoughts? Wanna move? 🙂

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