‘Cause We All Want to Experience a Stiff Drink in an Ice Lounge!: Minus5 Brings it to Mandalay, Las Vegas in October

New Zealand company Minus5 brings a 1,200 square foot ice lounge to Vegas in October. Pay $30 and you'll be loaned sheepskin-lined parka, gloves and booties, so you can hang out on ice chairs and have a stiff drink in a frozen glass. As one of the most visited attractions in New Zealand and Australia, the ice lounge is the first one being setup in the U.S. with many more planned in places like LA, Miami, NY and Hawaii. Minus 5 was so named because it is -5 degrees Celsius or 27-degrees Fahrenheit. They'll continually be reinventing themselves by changing up the lounge and the sculptures every six to eight weeks. Think Bellagio garden but no fragrant flowers….and feeling like you're going to freeze your ass off. If anything it should be cool…..(sorry, couldn't resist)! 🙂 Reuters

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