Last night, the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards rocked my world. Here are a couple of reasons why.Creativity of LocationThe Paramount Lot (Arlene’s old office?) served as a dynamic stage to many performances, which made even boring performances look fun.

The Redeem TeamYes it’s nice that Britney won something, but three times including Video of the Year? Jesus Christ! We hope that this helps her “come back”; i.e., going back to being as cute / sexy / skinny as we think she has the potential to be – sadly, our main reference is the “Baby One More Time” video when she was like 15.

Christina “Mother Hips” Aguilera

At first I thought it was Britney redeeming her terrible performance at last year’s VMAs

.. then I thought it was Taylor Dayne making a comeback at age 50, then I realized, it’s Robin!

The performance was a terrible impersonation of Britney circa 2005, I’m talking worse than “Boy Britney” on America’s Got Talent. She has such an amazing voice and god given talent for singing on the level of Mariah and Whitney! Who oh who on her “team” thought it was a good idea to squeeze every roll of her recently-given-birth body into latex and dance like a Kansas City stripper on her first night? You know how Chris Rock talks about some women’s shoe fat like “baking bread”? Well Miss Christina was baking a giant bundt cake to fete a hundred.They got what they deservedIt’s scary how many noms Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers had – are Tweens taking over civilization as we know it? But a few dark horses (Tokio Hotel) and talented indie rockers (Death Cab for Cutie) made everything alright again.If I love Rihanna any more my little heart would burst

Watch her hot hot hot performance of “Disturbia/Seven Nation Army” here.Russell BrandWhether you like his Brand of humor or not, this real world Captain Jack Sparrow was relentless, fresh, energetic, and sometimes downright incomprehensible – exactly like you’d expected him to be. No holds barred! He hosted the damn thing as if he doesn’t give a f*ck if he’s ever allowed back in the States again.

My fav moment was when he busted out a ring and joked that one of the Jonas Brothers had surrendered it (along with his virginity). The Jonas Brothers – Nick, Joe and Kevin – wear purity rings as a commitment to remain virgins until marriage.

.. which infuriated Jordin Sparks (the BIG American Idol winner), apparently a fellow ring wearer, who during her award presentation blurted, “I just wanna say, it’s not bad to wear a promise ring because not every guy and a girl wants to be a slut, OK?” The audience in turn cheered in response. Hmm I wonder if that audience included Paris and Lindsay et al.

BTW doesn’t John Legend look just a tad bit scared to you? (“I hope they fed her before this ..”)And most importantly, what they woregrace – thoughts on best / worst dressed? And what of this alarming “no pants” trend? I mean, really, America, when is it ever a good idea to follow Madonna’s lead?


Katy Perry

RihannaDefinitely one of the most entertaining VMAs in recent years – I laughed, I shrieked, I cheered – oh such good times.See Full List of Winners

January 17, 2017

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January 17, 2017

Liberating Portraits of Ballerinas Elegantly Dancing in the Streets of Cairo

Like many dance photographers, Mohamed Taher has a knack for beautifully capturing the body in motion. His interest in movement is evident in his Ballerinas of Cairo series, and the captivating collection of photos also serves a more poignant purpose: it helps women fight sexual harassment and reclaim the city’s streets. After learning about the Ballerina Project, an ongoing series that documents dancers in urban settings across the globe, Taher was inspired to carry out a similar undertaking in the Egyptian capital.

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