Awesome Night Seeing Charles Kang at the Barker Block Sunset Series

Oh what a night! To support our friend Charles, a bunch of us headed to downtown LA last night for the Barker Block Sunset Series presented by Filter Magazine. Free entrance, free booze (but long lines), $1 tacos outside and an excuse to hang out with the LA art scene. Charles is an amazing photographer and an old friend of ours. You can see some of his work here. The space was pretty cool, we liked a few of the art pieces but mostly we just went to hang out. (I threw in the pretty girl to make it a more appealing picture.)

Listen up girls – if there is one thing I have learned by being with my man for over 13 years here it is. Feed a man if he is hungry and let a man sleep when he is tired. Driving up from Temecula Sam was pretty hungry so we hit up the taco cart right outside the gallery.

Bro Eugene just wanted to have a second dinner.

I shamelessly made Eugene stand in front of this hot hottie. (Make that two hot hotties – husband is back there, too.)

There were these interesting chess games going on with some crazy characters. Whats' up with Mr. Crazy Glitter Glasses?

Coolio and Lyle Lovett?

I like these series of shots Sam took. (Takeaway: Tattooed guys aren't so tough when playing chess.)

Kara joking around as the dj…

the singer…

and as a monster with fabulous hair.

Some notable art:

A great time had by all. Thanks, Charles, for letting us know about the exhibit. We loved seeing you and your photos.

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