A Brighter Tokyo 7-7 in J-Town: Check Out Suehiro for Some Late Night Eats

Suehiro is one of those places you go 'cause you've just left a bar/show/club in downtown you're starving and you don't want your fun night to end. (Aka..you are too drunk to drive and you need to sober up.) A few doors down is this packed ramen house called Daikokuya that everyone and their mama goes to…line is always craziculous so instead of getting back in your car you walk your drunk ass a few more doors down and get the next best thing. (Highly recommend Daikokuya for late night ramen, though. That place is mackin.) For the price…Suehiro is great! I'm a person who firmly believes in the value of a good meal. If it's going to be hella expensive and if I'm going to lay it all out there and give you 5 stars on Yelp you'd better give me a damn good experience. I'm talking awesome decor, amazing food, unbeatable service, and wonderful ambiance. Most of the time, if I'm writing it's a four or five. Four means you haven't given me all the elements but most. Suehiro's is a straight up 4 stars – food is comparable to Tokyo 7-7 in Culver City. Clean, delicious, nicely prepared food served to you by nice, friendly elder Japanese ladies. You walk in and notice the somewhat mixed crowd.

On the walls are some cool Japanese anime drawings.

Some randomness…lady in bowling hat behind Kara. I was waiting for her to bust out her cane and go into some song and dance. Ouch! (Sorry, mean girl comes out late at night.)

Arlene orders the ginger pork dish. I try a bite…it's actually quite delicious. On the side – cabbage salad is classic Japanese style with thousand island dressing, potato salad and seasoned bean sprouts. Ginger pork tasted like bacon (mmm…bacon) and having all of those sides balanced out the saltiness of the pork.

Eugene and I had the cold soba. Comes out with shaved radish, green onion and wasabi. You can't really mess up soba noodles..and they didn't.

We also order the agadeshi tofu appetizer, deliciously prepared, tofu in some warm broth. Notice the man's huge smile. (I tell you food can do that to him.)

Now are you ready? This is why you come to Suehiro. The taroko chazuke – lightly seasoned broth over rice, topped with cooked cod's roe. This soup was so flavorful and delicious we ordered two! Mixed in the soup were pieces of radish that gave this subtle crunchiness. Warm, delicious, flavorful…this was THE dish.

Sam was so sad after the first helping of the cod roe dish was gone that he started to cry. Our friend Pei had no sympathy.

Kara, Arlene and Pei enjoying their meal. Smiles all around.

Overall?: A satisfying late night meal had by all. It's the brighter, bigger Tokyo 7-7. Who Should Go?: People who want a nice warm Japanese meal after a late night out on the town. Tips?: + Try to find street parking but if you can't there are a few parking areas across the street. + Get the udon – none of us got it but the Yelpers swear by it. + Don't jaywalk – coppers all around. Hours: Mon-Thu 11:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. Fri-Sun 11:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. Suehiro Cafe (Yelp) 337 E 1st St Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 626-9132 Map Suehiro on Urbanspoon

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