Favorite Artist of the Moment: Alex Kanevsky

Contemporary artist Alex Kanevsky purposely doesn't include a bio so that the art speaks for itself. What strikes me most about his paintings and photographs is that is that it has the ability to stir an emotion in me. It's like I am getting a glimpse into someone's life through a cracked window. To me, the quick brush strokes signify the imperfections in all of us. Beautiful work. A few excerpts from an article on Viviante: What inspires you? Everything. All first-hand experiences. John Adams wrote a beautiful composition titled “Naive and Sentimental Music”. He took this title from a Friedrich Schiller essay “On Naive and Sentimental Poetry”. Schiller decided that there are really just two kinds of artists: naive and sentimental. Naive artist works with the first-hand experiences, uncompromised by self-analysis. Sentimental are works that are self-aware of their place in history, theory, etc. One usually sees this kind of work accompanied by an artist statement. I think I am more naive than sentimental in the things that inspire me. What is the difference of painting landscape and the human figure? You see a figure from outside. A landscape you experience and paint from within. It is like eating soup versus swimming in it. Very different. What would you say to an artist just starting out? Build up you self esteem to the level that might seem unwarranted. This will help you ignore both positive and negative responses to your paintings. Both are usually misguided, since they come from the outside. Be your most severe and devastating critic, while never doubting that you are the best thing since sliced bread. The moment something works well and is under control – is the time to give it up and try something else. Put all your eggs in one basket. Precarious situations produce intense results. Forget subjective, it is mostly trivial. Go for the universal.


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