Top 10 Coolest Gifts That Will Make Your Friend Smile (In These Depressing Times), From Fred & Friends

CALF & HALF– the udderly irresistible creamer. I'm a visual person so I could never drink milk out of this but I find it funny! Looking for an off-beat gift that will make your friend crack a smile? Fred & Friends is a really cool site that'll have you and your friends laughing. #10 OUCH! – the voodoo doll toothpick holder. Just imagine it being your worst politician…ehem…I mean enemy…it'll make you feel better!

#9 FEET FIRST: FINISH LINE – This won't get me to exercise…but don't they say you can burn calories just by laughing?

#8 ABC* COOKIES – *already been chewed.

Reminds me of the Shrek gingerbread man…he's asking to be eatin!

#7 HACKED! – the OH! *#% flash drive. Beware – kind souls may feel sorry for you.

#6 AIRFORK ONE – Remember when your mom tried to fool you and pretend that the fork was an airplane? Well, no more pretending here! (Noise that sounds nothing like an airplane not included.)

#5 FUZZ – the crime scene scarf. If you wear this you have a sick sense of humor. (Let's be friends.)

#4 HELP! – the drain stopper drowning in charm.

#3 SHOWER MIC – sing in the shooOOOOoower. Finally, a mic so I can belt out some Michael J while grabbing my crouch. (Eww, TMI, sorry.)

#2 TOASTED NOTES – the hot buttered desk accessory! Just a fun way to fool your coworkers! Why you can't use real toast is beyond me but this is fun.

#1 ONE MAN SHY – another bright idea from Mr. P. I think I'd be too embarrassed to turn the lights on or off…hahaha. Hilarious.

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