The Next Philippe Starck…Dutch Designer Marcel Wanders is Getting Ready to Conquer America

So I was reading through my latest edition of Fast Company, which is all about building your creative capital, and I had this compelling need to share this article about Marcel Wanders. 45-year-old Marcel is known as a Dutch designer who was chosen to design the $200 million Mondrian in South Beach that opens this December. More than a hotel designer, however, Marcel is a savvy businessman in Europe who has created an empire by extending his brand into everything from upscale furniture to real estate development projects. A few excerpts from Fast Company and Dwell: About Marcel: He is arguably among the best marketers of his generation; design, in his galaxy, extends beyond making products to the total experience of his brand, something he does his best to control to the last detail. What do other say about him?: In much of the design universe, Wanders is already a boldface name. In Europe, “when I walk into a restaurant with Marcel, it's like walking in with Madonna,” says Marc Benda, of New York's prestigious Friedman Benda design gallery, which shows Wanders's limited-edition work. On the Mondrian South Beach: “It will be like the castle of Sleeping Beauty,” says Wanders..”like the moment when the story ends, and people wake up after 100 years and see with new eyes.” What makes him likable?: His vulnerability. You could, if you wanted, always be scared.” Even today, he admits, once a new deal is signed, he retreats to the studio, where the inevitable moment of panic sets in. “There's a piece of white paper, and I have to make a design about something I have no idea about. That's when we say fuuuuccccckkk!” "It's a mess up here." Marcel Wanders is talking about his brain, and the necessary disorder of an open mind in design. "Philosophy is not one truth, but thousands of truths. You don't have to believe in just one thing. When you choose one idea, you close yourself to the rest." "Where I used to think in terms of chairs and vases, now it's big concepts like quality of life. If I have any basic motivation, it's to inspire people to make their life a masterpiece. So my biggest work is my life–and I take that seriously. But not too seriously." —- In reading through these articles, you get to know a man who's talent and determination got him through the most challenging times in his life. If there is one man who's going to be the next Philippe Starck, my bet is that it's going to be Marcel Wanders.

Babushka Bar, London UK

Sneak peek of the Mondrian, South Beach More on Mondrian South Beach website (watch the video) Moooi (his company's) website

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