Ok…So I’m On a Design Kick Today: Amazing Wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper

Having completely removed myself from the typical office environment, I have started to miss the little things. The morning chit chat by the water cooler about the latest piece of celebrity gossip (thank God for jU who keeps me in the loop), someone casually strolling into my office to check out my collection of Starbucks cups, planning out lunch with a friend before 10am. Sure there are the benefits…I get to blast the same Ne-Yo or O.A.R. song over and over again without a care in the world, my doggie strolls over to me and tells me how he is that I’m at home, by his incessant nudging. I like to think that the piles of magazines around me will somehow open up magically and dispense oodles of creativity into me. Alas, most just sit there, staring blankly up at me..asking me when they’ll get their turn. The blank white walls in the house beg to be decorated – hence, the previous posts on inspirational boards and wall galleries. What better way to dress them up than with some beautiful wallpaper? I have this book that I picked up awhile ago called Hip Hollywood Homes. Sure some of these are way too modern for my taste but a few, like Lara Shritman’s, are just amazing. Here is a pic of her house.

Now for a lazy decorator, such as myself, this may be the best idea yet. One small panel that pops. Looking around for more wallpaper – I found Walnut Wallpaper’s website and oh boy…don’t let my walls see this stuff or they’ll get jealous. Some of this stuff is a little too busy (even for me) but here are a few I like:

There’s that strip idea again:

You can search by designer on their site – my favorite is Cole & Sons. The company is based in Los Angeles…maybe worth a field trip. walnut wallpaper 7424 beverly boulevard los angeles california 90036 323.932.9166

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