I happened to stumble upon Franki Durbin's website, Life in a Venti Cup, last week as I was searching through some blogs. With an amazing eye for design, Franki, is the quintessential tastemaker of our time. As an interactive designer, she runs a creative firm in St. Louis while her husband works as a social media pro. Here is how she describes her blog: “Life is too short to think small. So live large. Live with style. Live with adventure. Live venti. Written by Franki Durbin, the blog discusses style, design, modern culture and travel. ” Her simple yet fun and funky website makes me feel like I know the woman behind this hip caricature. When I left a comment for her on a Louboutin post, she replied back to me in an instant, asking me more questions. What I love most about ‘Life in a Venti Cup' aside from the beautiful pictures and great list of other design blogs is that you can tell that Franki writes because she's truly interested in sharing things she's passionate about. As Colin Powell would say, “with style and substance” to boot, Franki Durbin is one to watch. Welcome, Franki, to theMET. We're happy that you joined us here!

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