Don’t let the sun go down on me

Indoor plants never get enough sunlight no matter where you place them and it's annoying to keep shuffling them around all the time to get maximum sun exposure. Didn't you ever wish that they could just sprout legs and find their own damn sunlight? The Play Coalition designed this four-legged contraption so you can spend more time playing Madden 09 and less time worrying about photosynthesis. Sunlight moved? No worries. This thing will walk around and find the nearest source of sunlight. (Don't leave your front door open or you'll risk losing this expensive toy or cause accidents from people distracted by walking plants.)As a kid, I had nightmares of the Raisin Brand sun chasing me around with his two scoops. If I woke up one morning to see my plant chasing me around a la walking trees in Lord of the Rings, I'll get Gandalf on its ass.

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