An inside look into creative people’s homes and heads!: Favorite blog of the moment, The Selby

Oh another blog for the blog roll on the front page! Joy! My sister Grace sent me an email this morning, telling me about her favorite blog of the moment, The Selby. It can be best described as a blog with one basic concept: post photos of artsy folks at home in their artsy spaces. It's like Sartorialist for the design crowd! Wonderful. What I love most about these pictures is that it gives you an inside look into people's crazy and whacky homes. Bright, colorful and sometimes cluttered, it's the nesting place for designers and creative folk..where their ideas begin to percolate…You get to see people's inspiration boards and you begin to realize that #1 we as humans can't throw away shit and #2 that we're all inspired by things. And that it's the collection of all these things that'll help us create our own masterpiece. So whether you want to get some real deal design ideas or if you just want to peek inside other people's homes (no shame in that!)…take a moment to explore The Selby.

The Selby website

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