Sure Kim Gives it Some Umph, But Damn That Dress is Just Dead Sexy!: Kim + Other Hot (or Not) Ladies in Herve Leger

I will be the first to admit that I am a far cry from being a fashionista. Much to my sister Grace's chagrin, I see what I like, and if it's comfortable I wear it! But every once in awhile, my eyes will laser focus on a beautiful or unique piece of clothing or accessory that I start to obsess over. You may remember the Prada Fairy bag I wanted back in July… Now most of you know that Herve Leger used to be the shiznit back in the 80s with his bandage dresses. I bet he's giving them to Kim Kardashian for free because that seems to be the only thing that this Armenian/Scottish/Dutch socialite is wearing. Of course, many modern ladies have followed suit but we all know that no one can compare to this booylicious bombshell!

‘Course here's my girl Rihanna, making Herve look modern again. White tank with blue skirt is in one word…gorgeous!

In ode to our favorite Panda Bear…Spice needs to gain a little weight but her tight little body rocks it!

Now Lohan, Bynes and No Name – I don't care how big you are in the teeny bopper world, you do not deserve to be in these dresses. Let's wait a few years, either get some curves or some real careers and then rock it!

Another no no. Heidi makes me want to throw up no matter what she's wearing and Vanessa, I think the color is all wrong for you, dear!

And proving that even Herve can make some mistakes, no one looks good in these mermaid, sequin outfits!

Finally, the ex-OC star, Mischa Barton, was snapped in her Herve Leger with ankle boots! Someone call E!…this is a fashion emergency. Herve Leger dresses can be found on Intermix.

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