Saturday, November 1st, 7pm-10pm @ SPARC Gallery: Venice

Are you anxious for the Bush era to end? SPARC’s Day of the Dead Exhibition presents “Death of the Bush Era: What Next?” The multifaceted exhibition will examine the global transformation prompted by the eight-year George W. Bush administration, the upcoming election, economic recession, illegal immigration, and the Iraq war. Also featured will be selected works from the Group Exhibition “Just How Does A Patriot Act” curated by Joella March. This exhibition seeks to create a forum for conversation and debate, extending beyond the current political climate of denial, distraction and dismissal of the public voice and will. Sounds like a fun, politically charged art event!

Cost: Free Date and Time: November 1st, 7pm-10pm Tip: A community altar for El Dia de los Muertos prayers, offerings and photos of loved ones will be present. SPARC Gallery website 685 Venice Blvd Venice, CA 90291 310.822.9560

January 24, 2017

Encouraging Letters Written by Outgoing U.S. Presidents to Incoming Successors

“The critics will rage.” That’s what former President George W. Bush wrote to his successor (then-President-elect) Barack Obama shortly before he took the Oval Office in 2009. Included as a line in a longer note, Bush’s presidential letter is part of a long tradition of presidents writing to those who are replacing them. The parting words transcend party lines and offer advice, camaraderie, and comfort to what will be an inexplicably challenging four (or eight)

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