Scion Presents: Big Geezers, Opens Nov 8th

Big Geezers, curated by The London Police, opens on November 8 at Scion's 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery in Culver City. BIG GEEZERS represents a would-be family of European and American artists who, over several years, have met, worked together and traveled the globe in search of adventure, hope and good times.The BG crew will blend visual ingredients with interactive methods to delight gallery enthusiasts with an entertaining opening night. Art and interactive installations will be on display for the duration of the exhibit. Big Geezers plans to entertain the senses as it group decided that in L.A. "entertainment" is the name of the game.Armed with markers, paint and spray the BIG GEEZERS movement has participated in group shows in Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Torino, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Oslo, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Bratislava, Vienna, and Budapest. Big Geezers has also done live drawing with The Dandy Warhols in Portland, Ore.Artists participating in the Big Geezers show include MORCKY TROUBLES (Italy), MISS RIEL (Iceland), GALO (Italy), WAYNE HORSE (Germany), PEZ (Spain), MINIVILA (Croatia), FLYING FORTRESS (Germany), and THE LONDON POLICE (U.K).Morcky's roots are in graffiti although he has experience with photography, animation and video. These days he keeps an eye on the interaction of his paintings and drawings with their surroundings including walls and elements in the streets. Morcky also enjoys playing with perspective. Galo painted nearly every surface imaginable: fat bellies and flat ones, old walls and young electricity boxes, toilets and fences, ceilings and floors, canvas, wood, bikes and cars…sometimes he gets carried away. Obsessed with drawing, Horse loves to create situations, rather than whole stories, in a wide range of media. He leaves space for a story to evolve out of small apparently unconnected fragments, creating a different experience based onthe individual's own perspective. Pez took his signature smiling fish character to the streets to spread good vibrations and its success has spawned a host of smiling sibling characters. Minivila, a truly international artist who was raised in Croatia and is now based in Amsterdam, marries fashion, illustration, painting and music. Munich based artist Flying Frtress started to do classic graffiti in the early 90's. After a hiatus where he focused on graphic design he hit the streets again with his infamous Teddy Troops. The London Police is a collective best known for their iconic "LADS" characters. The group travels extensively allowing the LADS to infiltrate cities around the world.The opening reception takes place November 8, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM and will run through November 29 at the Scion Installation L.A. Gallery, 3521 Helms Ave. (at National), Culver City, CA 90232.Dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression, the Scion Installation L.A. Gallery is a space that allows artists to explore their creative visions. The new Scion Installation Gallery hosts art shows and art-related events for cutting-edge artists from across the globe. Due to success and growth, the Scion Installation L.A. Gallery recently moved from its Washington Boulevard location to Helms and National near the Hayden Tract area. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM and by appointment -310.815.8840. For more information, visit

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