Checking Out the Chalk in Pasadena

This Sunday afternoon we checked out the Chalk Festival in Pasadena at the recommendation of our good friend, Dr. Zane. The Pasadena Chalk Festival began in 1993 after a summer intern at the Light Bringer Project attended a street painting festival in Paris and brought back her amazing pictures and observations. From there, the festival has grown to become the world's largest street painting event, boasting more than 600 artists and 70,000 visitors each year. Now in its 16th year, its still a free event located at Paseo Colorado. Here are some of our favorites from the day…. Many of the artists had pictures next to their art:

Gooo Lakers! Thank God you won this last game!

Hyundai was one of the main sponsors – I really appreciated how they actually participated in the festival…

Almost melted out there but had a fantastic time…thanks Gary!

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