Public Blog is Debuting –

So here it is. As promised. The public blog! This was made so that you all can now show your friends what My Modern Metropolis is all about. As you can tell, it was made with the same look as ‘My'. As trusted members, you still hold the key to letting any of your friends get into the ‘My' site. That means, that a new member needs to either receive an invitation from you or email me with your full name included in the body of their email. Just to give you an idea – we are at 211 members with over 432 pending invitations! You may be asking these questions: Will content be duplicated? Will you post the same things inside and outside? The answer is that the public blog will be more of a personal journey for me and it will have things out there that will not be in here. I'm going to bring things into our community when I think it's relevant to our group. Will everyone's blogs be on No, this will only have my personal blog posts. Your blog posts will only be viewed inside So, if you feel so inclined, we would love it if you would spread the word. If you want to keep this community just for you and your select group, that's wonderful. But, if you'd like to give people a glimpse of what we have going on here…please feel free to direct them to Thanks so much. Alice

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