Hole-in-the-Walls Rule – Wirin, Thai Restaurant in Venice

So my dad and his wife took us to this hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant, called Wirin, last night and all I can say is that THIS IS A TRUE FIND! Thai food is usually cheap but it's rarely this good. The place is kind of a dump – I mean, you can eat there, but it ain't no Katsu-Ya. I'd probably get take-out from now on but probably wouldn't mind eating here again, either. This place is pretty much at Lincoln and Venice. If you are coming up north from Playa Vista on Lincoln, it is right past Venice. Look for this yellow and orange/red sign. From the outside, noticed that they got an A – good sign.

Vibe – had quite a few young people in there – 20-30 year olds – this place probably grows through word-of-mouth or Yelp.

In classic Kim-style we ordered up a storm – we had about 6 dishes amongst the 4 of us (you can actually count them in the picture) and then we ordered another 3 to go, for the husbands. Here's our table of food:

Sorry my plate doesn't look too appetizing there (bottom right corner). Best dish was probably the mixed veggie plate – for vegetarians or people who like good sauce.

Finally, a few pics of the family. Everyone says that my dad and I look alike.

Dad and his wife. Oh no she didn't just put up those peace fingers.

All in all, some GREAT Thai food at reasonable prices. We paid $80 for 6 people (probably could be 8 normal people). Would recommend it for take-out. Tips: Look out for that yellow sign. Watch out for the potholes in the parking lot. Who should go? People who want to eat really good Thai food at reasonable prices. Wirin 2308 Lincoln Boulevard Venice, CA 90291 310.397.1721

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