3D Origami Illustrations of Wild Animals

Origami is the art of folding paper, so what’s it called when one creates a digital representation of the meticulous paper art? Whatever it is, artist Jeremy Kool has mastered it in his series entitled The Paper Fox. Kool brilliantly displays paper sculptures of all types of wildlife. The Australia-based graphic designer’s digital illustrations range from an imposing stag to a modest firefly, each made with remarkable believability with realistic creases and textures.

Kool’s extraordinary visuals can be purchased as prints at The Paper Fox Shop. Ultimately, his goal has always been to create an interactive storybook for the iPad and other tablets. He has recently met his funding needs through the sales of prints, though he continues to raise funds. Currently, Kool is working on reaching his end-goal and continues to build on the project. You can follow the artist’s progress through his blog.

Jeremy Kool on Behance