7 Ways Modern Design Can Exist In Your Everyday Life

The Herb Stand

I'm a fan of modern design for so many reasons. When design is done well, when the combination of form and function is in perfect proportion, life becomes more simple. A task doesn't become a burden, it becomes a wonderful experience. It strips out the unnecessary and leaves behind something to be enjoyed. I'm proud to call Huset one of our sponsors for this site. Their fun, fantastic products involve us. They make us crack a smile after a long, hard days work. So thank you, Huset, for seeing theMET as a place just like their own. Here's a sample of some of my favorite products from your site. On Cloud 9 – The Cloud Chair

Lisa Widn's idea to create the Cloud chair was born sitting on an airplane looking down at the clouds below. The thought of being able to lounge around on soft and fluffy clouds inspired her to create this soft, comfy and playful upholstered easy chair with a black metal support frame. The Cloud chair is easily adjustable, meaning that the seat can become the back support and vice versa. This enables everyone, regardless of height or size, to find their own favorite position. $975 BUY Bird On A Wire Coat Rack by JBA

“Bird on a wire” coat rack. Sculptural, unique and whimsical are a few words that come to mind to describe these beautiful bird figures. These porcelain birds are sold individually, but you can make a statement by teaming several in a row. Choose from bright yellow, black or white. $80 BUY Frame Your Life

Give a personal touch to your wallpaper. Famed Swedish wallpaper designer, Lisa Bengtsson brings us the wallpaper “Familjen” (the family in Swedish). You can transform your wall into a photo album! Familjen tells us the story about how we frame and shape our lives. You can fill the frames with different belongings, the same way we all fill our lives with diverse things. The Stockholm based designer was inspired by memories and nostalgia when she created this series of wallpaper. The wallpaper consists of a collage with black & white "frames" that are precisely placed and add an unexpected visual experience to any room. "The Family" looks elegant on its own or you can make a personal statement by framing your favorite photo of your kids, parents or your beloved pet. Or why not frame your favorite necklace, handbag or some piece of architectural element? The question is, how do you frame your life? Just use your imagination! $125 BUY Murder Hooks

Sculptural, unique and clever are a few words that come to mind to describe these sand casted aluminum figures covered in leather with stitching by Swedish design brand Edblad & Co. The figures come in four variations, left-arm hook, right-arm extended, back arms spread and legs. Choose from black leather with red stitching or red leather with white stitching. Mount only one or be really clever and mount all in a row! Protrudes approx. 7″ (18 cm) from wall. $45 BUY Water Lilly Lampshade

A sculptural lampshade with its own unique expression. The Norm 06 is the latest lamp designed by Simon Karkov for Normann Copenhagen. The sculptural design is inspired by nature, the lillies and the water lillies and it gives a soft light. It is easy to assemble without the need for any tools or glue. Available in small 17″ or large 33″. Max 60 Watt bulb recommended. To obtain a warmer light a filament bulb can be used. The lampshade is made of special non flammable plastic material. $130 BUY Blossom and Bill Tray

Meet Blossom & Bill, they are in love. They adore listening to the crackle of logs by the campfire and the sound of rain falling. There is nothing better than to watch snowflakes falling silently outside on a late winters night. Their journey has only just started; their story is yet to unfold…. This tray is made from 7 layers of birch wood from sustainable Scandinavian forests and finished with a laminate coating for protection. Size 15″ (38 cm) diameter. Chose from red or blue (new!). $45 BUY Check out these and more at Huset

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