A ’20s Inspired Vintage Glamorous Wedding (11 pics)

Wow, all the exquisite details that went into this wedding truly blows my mind! By looking at the pictures you can easily tell that a lot of thought was put into creating this 20's inspired wedding. High school sweethearts, Ed and Ginny, tied the knot at a farm in Georgia in late May. What's more beautiful than all the detail is the way Ginny describes her wedding day.

“today(and for the rest of my life) i am grateful for…

the most magical collection of people in one place to make this day possible. i am not eloquent or clever enough to accurately depict this perfect weekend. we had the most creative, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, loving, passionate, and FUN group of souls under one sky, on a farm in georgia. once the reception ended, ed and i must have spent two hours, at least, gushing about how lucky we are and how we dearly love our friends and family.

my mother always says, “you are the company you keep”. if that is even half true, then the future looks very bright.”

Here's to wishing the beautiful couple a lifetime of love and happiness…

Photography: Josh Goleman
Via: 100 Layer Cake

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