Animated GIFs Feature Street Art Playfully Interacting with Landscape

Do you see something moving on that wall? You can thank A.L.Crego for that! The photographer and motion designer from Spain creates incredible GIF images using the outdoor environment in his whimsical scenes. He animates things like street art and building windows as a way to transform normally photographs into something that you want to watch over and over again.

Perhaps most notably, Crego brings outdoor painted people to life. They interact with the surrounding architecture, and we see a boy pulling a cord that turns a bright light off and on. In addition, we witness a woman move a manhole cover to write graffiti on the street, while another figure miraculously opens up a door to toss the world in the water (and he falls along with it!). They are all delightfully imaginative, and it once again shows us just how compelling animated GIFs like this can be.

A.L.Crego Tumblr
via [Cross Connect Mag]

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