A Reliable Jetpack

GizmoAve – Once the mere dream of a madman, the concept of the jetpack really first took off when Sean Connery was hovering around with one in the movie Thunderball back in 1965. Since then however, other than some lacklustre performances at various Super Bowls, the personal jetpack that we all thought was just around the corner has failed miserably to materialize. Until now!This is the Martin Jetpack, a hovercraft based strap-on flying machine, driven by a 200 hp single cylinder motorcycle engine, and it is brilliant.Still in the testing stages at the moment, the Martin can carry enough fuel to keep you airborne for around 40 minutes and, should you lose track of that time while cloud surfing, the emergency parachute will deploy to help you come down smoothly.Inventor, Glenn Martin, confidently predicts that the finished version will be capable of an ideal flying height between 500ft to 1,000ft with an extreme limit of 6,000ft, and a joystick controlled, the Martin should be a breeze of air to operate. The company provide free training included with the price tag of around $90,000, and you can even pre-order one right now.Source

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