A Wicked Ride: Segway and GM’s P.U.M.A.

Are you ready for the newest mode of transportation? Bye bye bicycle, hello P.U.M.A. P.U.M.A. stands for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle. It's a two-wheeled vehicle that balances on gyroscopes and is powered by rechargeable batteries. Top speed is 35 miles per hour or three times as fast as a Segway scooter. The PUMA will cost 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of a traditional vehicle and a three hour charge will cost only 35 cents. A single charge will take you 35 miles. It's intended for city dwellers and was developed by G.M. and Segway. Gold star for G.M. for trying to turn around their gas guzzling S.U.V. ways!

Coolest part? The cars would communicate with each other wirelessly to regulate speed, reduce congestion and prevent accidents. These small, nimble electric vehicles will know where other moving objects are and will avoid running into them. An internet like web will connect the vehicles so that people can move through the cities and find places to park and connect.

It'll be a dawn of a new day. As Jim Norrod, the CEO of Segway states, "We are excited to be working together to demonstrate a dramatically different approach to urban mobility. There's an emotional connection you get when trying something made by Segway. The Project P.U.M.A. prototype embodies this completely through the combination of dynamic stabilization, seamless drive-by-wire controls, and sophisticated battery systems to complete the connection between the rider, environment, and others." You won't see this baby hitting the road till 2012 but for now, check out Engadget's review of their joy ride.

It's a unique riding experience we can't wait to try out ourselves! P.U.M.A. website Source: US News and Wired

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