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Magical Worlds Exist Just Above the Clouds

Edgar Moskopp

Right above the surface of the clouds, a whole different kind of world exists. It's not often that we get to experience these peaceful and serene moments of simple beauty, but every so often during a plane trip or a hike up to a mountaintop, this gorgeous world reveals itself.

And now, there's no need to travel to check out these stunning places, set against fluffy white billowing clouds. In this collection, photographers all over the world have brought picturesque views down to the ground for the rest of us to see. Each photographer has captured variations of vibrant and heavenly sunsets, the soothing calm of dawn, and otherworldly landscapes that will take your breath away. You may even feel the urge to run and frolic across the surface of the thick, dense clouds while enjoying the miles and miles of this unending, magical universe.

Evgeni Dinev

Glenn Harper

Eric Kraus

Andy Butkaj

Sebastian Opitz

Gilles Monney

Lus Riafoge

Edgar Moskopp


Jason Hummel

Richard Silvera

via [Abduzeedo]

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