Glowing Tree Rings Illuminate Paris’ Champs-Elyse

A week ago, we virtually traveled along the streets of Madrid, checking out these festive holiday lights by artist and architect Teresa Sapey. This time, we take you northeast of Madrid to check out the stunning Tree Rings light display along the Champs-Elyse in Paris.

Belgium-based ACT Lighting Design, a firm that provides architectural, entertainment, and lighting art installation needs, won the privilege to decorate the Parisian avenue for four years. According to the website, the basic concept was to illuminate and enhance the architecture of the area during the Christmas season as well as “to highlight the role that the Champs-Elyse plays in the heart of the French capital.”

The team, led by Koert Vermeulen and Marcos Vinals Bassols, developed Tree Rings as a way to decorate the avenue's surrounding environment while being particularly respectful to each tree as a living being. This year, a ring of LED lights encircles each of the 200 local trees–without touching them–as a symbol of the unity between people and nature. Additionally, small circular mirrors hang from the branches and reflect the light in all directions, creating a gorgeous glow along the very well-known urban street.

ACT Lighting Design website
via [Designboom]

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