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Actors in Multiple Characters

Bill Murray

Illustrator Derek Eads must love movies. How else could you explain how this self-taught artist and freelance illustrator knows so many movie characters? Indeed, after doing a little bit of research, we found out that Eads is a self-described “movie buff” who's been a huge fan of films his whole life.

You can read an interview that From Your Desks conducted with the illustrator where he goes into his creative process and his love and fascination for one particular actor, Bil Murray. Here's an excerpt:

“He's become more appreciated by a younger crowd,” Eads said. “New audiences are starting to see how consistently funny he has been over his entire career, and I don't think there are too many actors out there today that have done the same. It's great that so many illustrators have taken a shine to him. There's an amazing collection of Bill Murray art out there now, and I'm excited to contribute to it. As for the Wes Anderson/Sofia Coppola films, I can personally say they gave him a new status in my eyes. He's not just a funny character, he's a terrific actor.”

Bill Murray

Nicolas Cage

Samuel L. Jackson

Bruce Willis

Val Kilmer

Johnny Depp

Gary Oldman


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