Mom’s Side-By-Side Selfie of 1-Pound Difference Proves Weight is Just a Number

weight lifting transformation

Looking good and feeling good should go hand in hand—but sometimes, that can be hard when you’re constantly stepping on the scale. Adrienne Osuna proves, however, that the number it displays doesn’t always reflect how healthy or in shape you are. Over the past two years, the California mom of four has made an incredible weight lifting transformation. On Instagram, she’s posted many side-by-side photos of her body at the same weight but at very different stages. The scale might say that she only lost a pound, but her body recomposition has totally changed, because she’s added a lot of muscle and lost fat.

Osuna has four boys that range from ages three to nine. After giving birth, she’d try different diets, but always became dismayed. “Focusing on the number on the scale can be extremely discouraging,” she told The Huffington Post. “Once I let go of the number, and decided I was going to be consistent with lifting weight regardless of my weight, I saw results.” Osuna instead focuses on general fitness and eating a certain amount of protein. She doesn’t starve herself, either, writing on Instagram, “I eat around 2500 cals a day!”

Osuna posts her weightlifting transformation photos to encourage women—particularly moms—to stop obsessing about their body in the same way that she used to. “I want moms to know that, even though they had kids, their bodies are NOT broken. They can be stronger and healthier than ever before.”

Over the course of two years, mom Adrienne Osuna has undergone an incredible weightlifting transformation.

weight lifting transformation weight lifting transformation

She posts side-by-side selfies that show how, despite not losing a pound, she's gained muscle and lost fat.

weight lifting transformation weight lifting transformation weight lifting transformation

Weight is just a number on the scale. Osuna looks good and feels good!

weight loss transformation body transformation weight loss transformation body transformation weight loss transformation body positive

Adrienne Osuna: Website | Instagram
h/t: [The Huffington Post]

All images via Adrienne Osuna.

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